Storyline 2 "Unable to control whether Base layer items appear on sub-layers"

I have converted a lesson under development from Storyline to Storyline 2.  I have numerous slides with varying numbers of layers; some configured to Hide other layers and the Base Layer and some designed to build the presentation -  layer over layer. Regardless of the property setting on the sub-layers the base layer shows through.

I have tried - hiding everything on the sub-layer to ensure it was not hidden some how

Changed the properties - review and change them back

adding a new layer instead of a copy

activating and deactivating Base Layer objects via the sub-layer timeline.

installing Update 4 and rebooting

Anyone have other suggestions?

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mark powley
Sara Good

Hi Mark, I had the same issue and it seemed to open on other people's pc's, just not mine. I hope you get it sorted out. I had to redo mine. Let me know if you get it fixed.


I did Publish to my local drive and then transfer to another PC - result was the same.  I hate the idea of having to start over because that is weeks of work.

mark powley

Just to complete the story - Articulate support came to the conclusion that the main problem was in the Company Theme we had created.  While the project currently has eight scenes (all utilizing the same theme), and only this one was having problems ; to say I was a bit skeptical would be an understatement.  However, I rebuilt the theme from scratch and applied it to slide individually (for testing) - it fixed everyone of them so far.

Thanks for the help


mark powley

Final answer from tech support

" It's possible that this could be a case of a corrupt Theme or Slide Master. We've had several cases in the past where this is determined as the culprit.

At this point, I suggest you either recreate your Slide Master or apply a different theme and see if it cures the issue."

This appears to the case - thanks again