Storyline 2 - Unable to save unless I give it a new name

Running most up to date version - just updated today hoping it would fix the issue. 

I am unable to save my files without giving the file a brand new name. I am working off the local drive. While I can limp along with new file names, this isn't a very efficient way to work. 

There is nothing unique about the file, because it happens with any new files, as well.

Any ideas / Suggestions? 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chad,

I haven't run into that before.

 To confirm, clicking "save" isn't working - so you have to do "save as" which requires you to change the name of the file.

Do you see an error message when trying to "save"? Could you share the file with us? I'd love to see if the same thing happens on my end with your file. 


If I start out with a file:

file1.story, when I click the save, it takes forever (2-3 minutes) and eventually saves the file with something like file11.story, file12.story, etc.

It does this automatically. I've found it easier to just do a save as so I can at least pick the name.

Sometimes it will error out and the regular "save" will not work at all, and I will be forced to do a save as. The next time I get an error, I will take a screen shot.

My .story also has a large amount of large .mp4 videos, so I am wondering if this is causing the issue, since I don't seem to have this issue on my other projects.

Is there any type of limitation or best practice with embedded videos, or overall file sizes? My .story is ~800Mb.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chad,

The save time is correlated to file size - so a really large file with a lot of videos may take longer to save, publish, etc. 

I haven't seen the files rename themselves as you described though - I'd be curious if you can replicate that in a screen recording so that I can follow along in your steps? Can you also confirm that you're working on local project files vs. a shared/network drive? 

No limitation on file size - but the larger it gets, the more issues you may encounter even with users who have a hard time loading a video intensive course.

Storyline will help out with some of that by preloading content and progressively streaming video - but if it's a video heavy course I know some users have embedded videos as  Web objects from sites such as YouTube/Vimeo.