Storyline 2 Update 10 HTML5 output issue in KC pages

Hi everyone,

I am working in storyline 2 update 10 these days and recently faced an unexpected errors in HTML5 output of Knowledge check pages. The issue is  that if there are 4 options in my KC page it shows only 3 options in the published HTML5 output. I tried many ways to solve this issue but, not able to find a solution. can anyone guide with this please?

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Kailas Shinde


I have an update regarding what I was trying for!

while experimenting with the affected .story file I noticed that "fade in" effects works well with HTML5 output because, earlier there was "fly in" effect for the KC options I just changed it to "fade in" effect and surprisingly it worked. I even took fresh new .story file to be more sure and played with these 2 effects. Even in fresh new .story file the "fly in" effect doesn't worked with HTML5 output. "fade in" effect working correctly.

*KC options disappears with "fly in" effect for HTML5 output in SL2 update 10. This is what I have got concluded.

Please try this at your end as well and let me know your thoughts.

Kailas Shinde

Hi Leslie,

Got an update from Miker he is done with his analysis. He analysed the affected .story file in SL2 update 11 but, the issue I am facing is in update 10. Earlier I started working with update 11 but faced bolded font issue with published output. I wasn't able to view bolded words in published output. Just want to confirm that is there any such issue with SL2 update 11?