> Storyline 2 Update 10, LMS TinCan - HTML5 version doesnt pass any data to Scorm Cloud

Sep 25, 2016

Hi everybody,
I'm testing SL2 update 10 with Scorm Cloud,
I'm trying to track the quiz score on the LRS side using the Tin Can (xApi) output format, but no luck.
I won't get into the reasons for wanting to force HTML5 launch instead of FLASH.

1) FLASH (default) published content works, the result score is correctly displayed in Scorm Cloud.
2) HTML5 published content doesn't pass any data back to Scorm Cloud! And I cannot believe that in 2016! Both versions launch without fail, but progress and user score is not recorded.
To replicate the issue,
publish > LMS > Include HTML5
          > Output Options > Tin Can
          > Reporting &... > LaunchUrl > story_html5.html
          > Reporting &... > Tracking > Track Using quiz..

Browser tested:
chrome desktop
firefox desktop
edge desktop
chrome IOS mobile
safari IOS mobile

Possible solution:
Is there some JS trick to add on the result page to be able to push the SCORE and COMPLETION back to the LRS (Scorm Cloud)?

Please note:
1) cannot use the Tin Can debug log, it only works with FLASH content
2) I have tested it with SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing TinCan
3) the identifier is less than 15 characters.

To test it quickly on ScormCloud:


Attached is the story file and the published version.
Thanks in advance.

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Marco Del Giudice

Hi there again,

the support team was able to duplicate the issue,
and as stated here by Brandon:

1) if you run story.html on a computer that DOES NOT have the Flash Player installed (in my case I had Flash disabled in crome via chrome://plugins/) and let the Storyline detection routine work and automatically display the HTML5 version, the scoring SUCCESSFULLY passes to the LMS, even in HTML5.

2) if you FORCE the html5 version to display by running story_html5.html, the scoring DOES NOT pass to the LRS (Scorm Cloud) in HTML5.

At the end of that thread linked above (SCORM, not TIN CAN) Steve Flowers suggested to change line 28 of index_lms.html to reference story_html5.html rather than story.html.
That should emulate the Flash autodetection without getting that far and maybe work.
That thread was about a SCORM published content, how can we try the same in a TIN CAN content?
What can we modify to let the Storyline detection routine work but jump in any case to the HTML5 version of the content?

I think that could be easily fixed because it works in the scenario n1.
I won't get into the reasons (now) for wanting to force HTML5 launch instead of FLASH.

Thanks in advance,