Storyline 2 (Update 5) - Layers Overlap Issue (Temp Workaround)

Layers Overlap Issue

Layers Overlap Issue - Screencast Link > 

In Storyline 2 there seems to be an issue with new layers overlapping the current ones despite the ‘Hide other slide layers’ option being selected.

The current layer is only hidden once the new layer has finished playing.
I have also tried using triggers to hide the other layers when the time starts but it didn’t make any difference.

The project was originally created in Storyline 1.

To eliminate any bugs that may have been introduced during the SL1 to SL2 conversion a new test project was created in Storyline 2, unfortunately it had the same issue.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Paul Trainer

Thanks Phil for your reply.

"...this is the new storyline fade animation for transitions it is fading through..."
So just to clarify is this how it suppose to work or is this an issue that is being addressed?

"...either remove the fade or shorten the length of the transition..."
The shortened length of the transition (0.25) is a small improvement but still not as clean as the way this works in Storyline 1.

The SL2 layer fade transition in its current state feels like a step back.

: /

The only work around would be to remove the Layer fade transition and fade the elements within the layer itself, see attached .story file.

This unfortunately creates unnecessary extra work especially if there are lots of elements within the layer. 


Phil Mayor

The fade through transition is really improved transitionwhen using images but can make text look a little messy this is working as expected in your example.

You can can it to fade through black instead, the only way to get what happened in Storyline 1 would be as you describe to add a fade animation instead

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

Glad Phil was able to assist you here - and if you need anything else or have other questions as you work through Storyline 2 please feel free to let us know.

If you think you've stumbled upon a bug, you're always welcome to post them here but also feel free to send directly to our support team here as well.