Storyline 2 update 9 compatibility with SL2 update 11

Feb 08, 2017

One of my Clients has Storyline 2 version 9 (and cannot update due to corporate IT policy) and I have Storyline 2 update 11.  Will he be able to open the *.story files I build with SL2 update 11?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Peter

It is always recommended to be working on the latest update to take advantage of bug fixes, enhancements etc.

He'll be able to open the .story file in his version of SL however fixes in version updates 10 and 11 won't be available.  If you are swapping the file back and forward I'd recommend you both use the same version (latest of course where possible).

Here is the version history for SL2 so you can view the differences.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Definitely keep an eye on those version history elements then Peter - as if you included a change based on that it won't carry back to Storyline 2 Update 9. Could you look at publishing it for them, and also provide the .story file as a back up? That way they'd get the published output in the latest version and still have the original in the event that they needed to change something.

Peter Burn

Thanks Ashley,

It appears much of the updating in 10 & 11 has to do with Flash and LMSs they don't use, being 100% SCORM 1.2. Neither of the oil majors I contract to permit Flash content in any form so should be okay. I believe the developer at one of the sites can get temporary admin access to his company laptop so he'll be able to install the ver 11 upgrade.

I have ver 9 on my laptop and was able to open and manipulate the simple test SL2 ver 11 STORY I made with my tower PC.

BTW: I am encouraging clients still using ToolBook and Captivate to adopt Storyline, primarily because of the best in class tech support you offer via eLearning Heroes. They will never go for the 360 Subscription but I see upgrades to SL3 being acceptable.


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