Storyline 2 Update causing Font Issue?

Hi! Anyone notice an issue when using the fun fonts 'DK Crayon Crumble' or 'DK Cool Crayon?'

This just started happening when I updated Storyline 2. Sadly, there is a white block showing up consistently next to a few specific letters in the published version.  Any ideas how to fix this? I use these font a lot.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Jessica!

Has this happened with files that you updated to SL@, or new files created in SL2? Please confirm you are working locally with this file as described here.

You may want to try and import them into a new file, or you can follow the steps listed here. Also, when you view your published project, make sure it is viewed in its intended environment to avoid any security issues from you web browser or computer.

Jessica Gauhs

Thanks for your reply, Emily!

I went ahead and started a brand new file just now just to be sure that the 'transfer' from SL1 to SL2 wasn't the case... it's still showing the white spots. My older files in SL1 are displaying the font properly (of which I'll try not to touch now). And yes, I work off only my own hard drive, the file name is simple.

I just had a friend test the fonts in his SL2 and he's getting the same result, where this wasn't an issue in SL1. Bummer. :( 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt! 

Looks like Jessica did reach out to support, but we did not get a subsequent update with her font and project files. I do not have an update to share so hopefully she will be able to pop in and assist you here.

This thread is a bit dated though, so you may want to reach directly out to the user via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile.

Jessica Gauhs

Hi Matt!

Support wasn't quite sure what was wrong either. They suggested it was an issue with the unsupported font. Deleting/reinstalling both the font and Storyline 2 didn't work, so I'm just not using that font anymore.

Now there are more free crayon/chalkboard-ish fonts out there that work great, just have to do some searching. Good luck!