Storyline 2 Upgrade


I tried looking through your documentation online but didn't have much success. I am looking to upgrade to Storyline 2 very soon but I have a client that needs Storyline 1 build files at project delivery. If I were to upgrade my license, will my license key work for only Storyline 2 or may it be used for Storyline 1 as well? Would I need 2 separate license keys?

Thank you!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Joseph!

When you purchase Storyline 2, you will be given a new license for this product. You can run both Storyline 1 and Storyline 2 at the same time on your machine.

Please note that any files created or edited in Storyline 2 will no longer be able to be opened in Storyline 1 as it is not backwards compatible.

Emily Ruby

Hi Joseph!

Purchasing Storyline 2 is a  new piece of software, so you will get a new license specific for your purchase. You would not need to uninstall Storyline 1 on your machine, both can run together, so you can just re open it if needed.

As far as getting Updates, for bug fixes and such, you can find Storyline 1 here, which is direct from our support page for Storyline 1.