Storyline 2 Upload Error in SumTotal


We created a SCORM 2004 (4th Edition) course for our client and though it launches and plays successfully via Scormcloud, the client faces error message when trying to upload it into his LMS: SumTotal Systems - Results on Demand (2015.1.1 version).  The client receives a failed error message everytime they try to upload the course in their LMS. When it recognizes the first part of the upload, it's defaulting to a launch method of SCORM 1.2.  See attached screenshots.

Can anyone provide any insight or support on this issue? Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sonia -- So sorry to hear you are having these issues, and thank you for noting that you are not experiencing the same difficulties via the SCORM Cloud. Have you had an opportunity to reach out to your LMS provider directly to gather their input? You may also want to take a look at this article on Troubleshooting LMS Issues Via the SCORM Cloud. 

In addition, I have seen that other members of the community utilize the SumTotal System, so hopefully they will be able to chime in with thoughts or other suggestions you can try, as well. 

sonia omar

Thanks Christie. 

However, troubleshooting LMS issue via SCORMCLOUD is not an option for us as the client is unable to even successfully load the Scorm package into their LMS (Sumtotal). I would have created a debugger course to understand the issue but since they're unable to even load the course correctly into SumTotal - I'm currently at a loss till we get some insights from their LMS provider.

One piece of information which I think is important for us to  know is our client mentions that they have no issues uploading/launching scorm packages created in Storyline 1 in their LMS. However, using the exact same settings, when we uploaded a scorm package created in Storyline 2 - they're getting the error messages.

Look forward to your and the networks support/advise on this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks,


Christie Pollick

Hi, Sonia -- Yes, at this point, since you are not experiencing the same issue within SCORM Cloud, and are still waiting to hear back from the LMS provider, I would have to defer to the community to add their suggestions for the time being. Please feel free to let us know how the LMS responds, and if they feel it is an SL2 issue, you are welcome to reach out to our Support Engineers for their additional insights.