Storyline 2 User Interface - IMHO...Not Good

It looks like the Articulate designers must be in the "MS Office" camp.  I personally do not like the new interface color scheme at all.  Just as the latest Microsoft Office interface did/does, the SL2 interface lacks contrast and personalization/customization (I think).

That being said, is there way to change the default user interface color scheme?  If not...this has got to be a near term feature enhancement (fix).

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

For anyone with eye strain while using SL2 or anything overly white, I recommend using a screen dimmer. I use a free one called "Pangolin Screen Brightness". I have to run it every time I reboot but it's quite the eye saver especially if you have multi-monitors. There are a bunch of other ones out there and most are free!

caroline bracy

I'm going to add my 2 cents as well. I am hoping for an update that will let me change this colour scheme. It is so hard to work with that it has slowed down my design time. I get headaches from straining so hard to see anything. This white/light grey/light blue is awful! The change from SL1 was a bad idea, and if so many are having eye strain with this, I see no reason for the developers not to fix it asap. I will submit this to the developers as well. I'm sure there are multitudes more that won't or don't know to submit their complaints, so it surely isn't just this group.