Storyline 2 - Variable jump back to slide

Nov 20, 2017

I have searched but didn't find anything. My problem is this:

I made a course where on the bottom are navigation buttons. One of the buttons goes to a test which is in the same scene as the course. The first page of the test is an introduction page, the menu button goes to that page, the next slide is the first question.

For every question i made a button which goes back to the slide which the question belongs to. So far so good.

Now i'm at the text page again and want to go back to the question. The menu button goes to the introduction page but not to the question.

I think i must solve this with variables but i can't find how to.

Can someone help me or give me a direction?


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Walt Hamilton

Create a T/F button named TestStarted with default value of F

On first page of test, create trigger - Adjust variable TestStarted = True when timeline starts

On text page, on menu button Create a trigger - Jump to question when user clicks on condition TestStarted = True.  THIS MUST BE FIRST TRIGGER. Then second trigger is Jump to introduction page when user clicks.

A far easier method might be to lightbox the text page when the learner wants to go back . That way when they close the lightbox, they are still on the question page.

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