Storyline 2 Variables and Conditions - I'm stuck

G'day all

I am in the middle of a major project for the training of nurses and I have been  pushing some rusty multimedia development skills and enjoying every minute of it.  However Maybe I am too close to this and I must confess variables and conditions are somewhat new to me. It is a scene which progresses through a difficult nursing situation with dressings and we want the learner to explore all choices before leaving the scene or scenario.  

I hope this attached PDF will help.  I am stuck on knowing how to change sates and make conditions so the learner must explore all choices.

It is after they view Part B of the content I am not sure how to "program" Storyline 2 to not allow them to move to the next scene without visiting all the rest of the choices.

I also have a blank test storyline 2 file replicating the scene with buttons etc which is available if needed. 

Hope that makes sense .. I need to learn how to do this ... nothing is broken except the seat to computer interface :-)


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Ralf  Baum

Hi Allan,

perhaps I can offer you a general solution:

Imagine that every slide gets a specific variable. Let's call it "var_Slide1". This variable has the value "0". When you visit this slide the variable gets adjusted to the value "1". And you do this for every slide that is important.

At the end of your part B you'll have a continue-button. This continue-button allows the user to go to the next scene. Everytime? No, only if you have a certain condition. This condition is that

var_Slide1 = 1

and var_Slide2 = 1


The value "1" is the prove that they have visited the slide. So it could be an idea to create at the last page of Part B a specific layer with a text box "Please visit all slides"

Your continue-button at the last page gets the trigger

Show Layer "Please visit all slides"

under the condition

var_Slide1 /= 1    (not equal to 1)


var_Slide2 /= 1 (not equal to 1)

If the slide are not qual to 1 the user has not visited them.

Perhaps this is a general idea for you how you could solve these kind of problems.

Allan Carrington

Hi Wendy

Thanks for responding and I thought that it might be needed but was trying not to surrender and I was actually trying some stuff on it so it is part way (and may not even be the right way>  I was very successful in guiding learners through multiple choices earlier in the project by using this youtube video by Sally Cox ... so I was trying to work things out that way ... I just don't know enough about the "programming" side of Storyline  Here is the test Storyline2 file with some triggers in it but no where near workable yet.

Hope that makes sense? 

Allan Carrington

Wow thanks Ralf

Never thought of anything like that.  It's getting late down here (South Australia)  at the moment and will need to have had some sleep before I can work through that ... I understand the concept and will try to make it happen.  I just replied to Wendy and referred to a tutorial by Sally Cox on YouTube I  was trying to adapt the concepts presented for this scene ... would that work  you think?  


Allan Carrington

Hi Again Wendy

Thank you so much for helping on this,  yes you are correct the nurse sees the feedback about stopping of part A then is asked to choose the other path to see what happens  if they continue. They see a further distraught patient and have a choice to continue now or stop ... if they choose stop then they are confronted with some choices about what to do next.

We would like them to read/listen to all of that feedback then make sure they have explored all the choices through the scenario before  moving on

I would really like to master this as multiple pathways through scenarios is something we are going to hit a lot ... It is really important the learner/user gets to see they consequences of all choices.  It could save a life one day.

Hope that is making sense.  

Again thanks for the help



Wendy Farmer

Hi Allan

If I click Continue on VIdeo A, then Continue on Video B and then Continue on Video C do you want them to get through it like that and then return to see the 'stop' choices.  I don't think I'm following the logic - sorry.

I'm based on the Gold Coast so if you want to call me you can 0419 047732

Allan Carrington

Hi again Wendy 

I really appreciate this and can understand if you are having trouble with the logic.  More than happy to chat on Skype if it would help.  Allansyd is my Skype address.

However I will try to explain.  This is trying to simulate real life practice. A nurse is told to do a dressing.  The patient starts off distraught because it HURTS.  The learner sees VIDEO PART A and has to choose stop or continue. If they choose stop they are told feedback then asked to see what would happen if they continued.  So they are directed back to the Part A choice slide which they choose to continue ... this gives another VIDEO PART B where the patient is even more stressed.  The nurse then is asked would they stop or continue.

If they choose stop then the are asked more choices what to do now that the patient hasn't been able to have their dressing changed. They have three options all need to be explored.  Then they are asked again to go back and see what would have happened if they had continued with the dressing and they see VIDEO PART C where the patient is in a really distraught state and calls the supervisor etc etc.  At the end of the clip they get some feedback about how poor a decision to keep going was.

Of course if they choose to continue in Part A and moved into B then into that branching ... before they move on to the next scene we want them to go back to the first PART A choice slide and choose stop.

Again we want the learner to explore all options in the scene ... before being released to continue

I hope I have communicated that clearly enough

Again thanks for helping



Wendy Farmer

Hi Allan

I've made the feedback on layers instead of new slides where they read the 'Stop' layer and then click close to return and continue.  I've just done it for the first two Videos - see if that is getting towards the behaviour you are after.

 I think maybe I am more of a hindrance than a help - LOL