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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

We're scheduled to release another perpetual version of Storyline 3 sometime in 2017, but I don't have a firmer date on when that'll be available yet. When that version is released you'll then be able to purchase Storyline 3 or Articulate 360 (which includes Storyline 360) and we continue to provide support for the current version of perpetual and the previous. 

On the day that Storyline 3 is released this year, its features will match those of Storyline 360, with the exception of the subscription elements like Content Library and Articulate Review.  So, following along on those Available Now items that you see on our What's New, What's Next page is a great move.

It's also worthwhile to keep in mind that after the day Storyline 3 is released, as Storyline 360 adds additional features and diverges from Storyline 3's initial feature set, 360 content containing those new features may not open in Storyline 3.

I hope that help clarify our plans, and if you have additional questions our Success team would be happy to talk to you about that.