Storyline 2 vs Captivate 9

Sep 02, 2015

Hello All,


1 of my customers asked if there is already a comparison available somewhere between Storyline 2 and Captivate 9

Also what are the main arguments for working with Storyline in stead of Captivate (other than the quick learning curve and superb community)

Would like to discover new and innovating arguments



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Michael Hinze

I haven't seen a comparison between SL2 and CP9 yet and I don't find these reviews/comparisons/shootouts very useful. A tool has to work for you and your projects. I always recommned to download trial versions of tools and then try to develop (or redevelop) a portion of a project. That's the best way to find out which tool fits your needs.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruno,

I haven't seen a comparison here in the forums either, but I'd agree with Michael's suggestion to download the trial and work through it yourself. If you have specific questions about functionality you can reach out here or connect with our Success team who would be happy to discuss your needs and how Storyline may be able to achieve them. 

Creativ Technologies

Hi all,

We have done a research on Articulate Storyline 2 and Adobe Captivate 9 and have prepared a comparative list regarding their features. To read the comparison please visit our blog

If you have any queries you can reach us at 

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Thanks Leslie. For whatever reason I still can't get it to load fully.

But to expand on this discussion....One big difference I've noticed recently has to do with how naming objects is done differently in each. 

In Captivate, when you name an object, it's the only name allowed to be used throughout all of your slides in a single project. You cannot use the same exact name for an object from slide to slide. Even if you delete an object you can't use the name.

In Storyline 2, when you name an object, you can name any object anything for each slide. You can even name more than one object the same thing (which is a little weird that it doesn't stop you from doing that, but the visual linkage to objects makes that not be an issue for the most part).

This is one of the major things that adds frustration to using Captivate over SL2. For me at least, Adds time as I have to be really disciplined in my object naming practices.

Rachel  Liu

This may be a dumb question, but also in the process of deciding between storyline vs captivate. In your comprehensive list of features, I really like that storyline has easy slider interactions. Do these display well in html5? My institution is mainly apple based so their LMS likely won't support any flash driven features.

Guy Bosworth

I too am researching differences.  I've used Presenter '09 and like the product very much.  I played with the previous version of Storyline and found it very user friendly.  When looking at Captivate 9 one of the features that is attractive to me is the asset store.  The asset store has copious numbers of characters, interactions, games etc (for a monthly subscription price).  I know Storyline has both animated and photographic characters but the photographic characters must be purchased (for a set price per character pack).  And while Storyline allows for me to build my own interactions Captivate asset store has plug and play interactions.  These interactions appear to be similar to what is available in Engage.  As a non-programmer, the plug and play features and large library of things available in the asset store seems very attractive.

An additional feature in Captivate that is very attractive is the ability to design one course and have it automatically converted to both tablet and mobile functionality with the ability to view what each slide will look like in each mode.  Storyline doesn't appear to offer mobile specific functionality.

I'm torn between a loyalty to Articulate and those added features in Captivate.  I know this is an Articulate forum but I'd love to hear your opinions.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Guy -- Thanks so much for your input, and while I will defer to your fellow community members to share their individual insights and opinions, I thought I'd stop in to share some additional discussions on the Storyline vs. Captivate topic in case you'd like to check them out:

Ronda Mullen

Hello everyone, I am new to eLearning need to decide what the best tools are and it looks like the big debate is between Articulate Storyline 2 and Adobe Captivate 9. Can anyone in this group tell me if Articulate Storyline is as good as Adobe Captivate 9 in application simulations and or demos? Another big question is whether or not Articulate Storyline can be used by mac users? Some of our audience is Windows, but we have a fair amount of Mac users.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide. I am so new that I honestly don't hardly know where to begin.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ronda,

The discussions that Christie linked above are definitely a good place to start, but you may also want to connect with our Success team here. They are happy to answer any of your questions as you look towards this decision. 

As far as the Mac set up, it's not a native Mac application but lots of our users (myself included) operate on a Mac using VMWare or Parallels to simulate a windows environment. You can read some more steps and information about how to use this set up here. 

Stephanie Spellman
Jay Shuck

I haven't read anything on this, but it would seem a gigantic advantage to Storyline: Captivate doesn't seem to have a zooming feature for non-video slides. Captivate does have something else with "zoom" in the title: its zoom area feature, which places in the slide an additional inset box showing the magnified image (so you have an inset box cluttering up your screen). But I have not found a Captivate feature that lets you paste an image on a slide and then zoom in a little to emphasize something. That's a basic way to highlight something!

Captivate users: Am I overlooking something obvious?

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

From what I remember when working with animations in Craptivate 7, there are some zooming animations (outside of the zoom feature) that you could get a half decent zooming effect with.. But those animations are garbage for the most part, because if you change the length of the timeline, on a slide with animations, all of the animations lose their correct timing. Then you need to go in and adjust them manually. So frustrating! I'm so glad I'm not doing projects in that program anymore!

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