Storyline 2 won't Recognise Engage 13 index.html


This is weird.  I have embedded this Engage 13 interaction into this Storyline 2 project before.  However now it won't work. I just updated the Engage object published again and definitely changed the interaction page at the top of the directory to index.html. Checked and double checked I did this correctly. However SL2 keeps telling me it can't find the index.html or index.htm

What could be the problem please?  I have tried a new SL2 project file with one slide and new use of the insert web object and same behaviour occurs.  I need to be able to update the Engage 13 object regularly, re-export it, change the name to index.html and republish the main SL2 project.

Has anyone else had this problem please?  I hope there is an easy answer to this, the Engage Interaction is critical to the content and learning of the SL2 module


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Allan Carrington

DUH!  I don't believe what caused this .... I think.  I am a MAC user of 20 years and and only use Windows because of Storyline 2 and Studio 13. This is the result of using an operating system that somehow ignores it when you use two file types after the dot .  In other words if you type index DOT HTML it ignores the .html. When instructions ask you to change the interaction file name to index.html it doesn't really mean that.  You change the interaction file to index.  When I did that and left off typing dot html.  Storyline 2 had no problems finding the index.

I hope that makes sense.  It can cause a lot of grief for lazy mac users or newbies who type what is requested. So the correct instruction is "Change the interaction file to be index"  

Now it all works.  I still feel a little embarassed