Storyline 2 wont complete in Saba unless specific Saba player is closed.

We are using Storyline 2, publishing in SCORM 1.2, and submitting quiz results as the completion criteria.  Everything works except if the user closes the tab or window instead of the actual lesson player.  If they close the window or tab it acts as if the player suspended the lesson, even though they have already clicked to submit their results.  The user can open, resume, and close the actual player, and then it will record the results.

Has anyone seen this?

I have also tried executing a Javascript trigger and bypassing the standard reporting system, didn't work.

Please help!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Wes! Thanks for your post. 

Have you done any testing in SCORM Cloud yet?  If so, are you getting the same results? We generally compare the behavior in SCORM Cloud to your LMS experience to try to parse out file issues versus LMS issues.  We are happy to help you with that testing if you'd like to share your file!


Wes Escalante

Yes,  we ran the program through SCORM cloud and it works great.  This is specifically with the way you close the SABA LMS Player.  They just tell us to go into the training and close it properly.  While this does work, it is a pain.  I am hoping someone here has seen this before and know a good workaround.