Storyline 3.4 Output Slow in IE 11

May 16, 2018

Is anyone else having issues with courses published using Storyline 3.4 playing slowly in IE 11? We publish to HTML5 with Flash fallback. The courses play fine in Edge and Chrome, but we notice extreme sluggishness at the beginning and end of slides in IE11 (basically the entrance animations of the first objects and the exit animations of the final objects are very, very slow).

We are about to begin republishing our courses that were published in previous versions of SL3. I really need to get this figured out before start working on that because our company requires IE to be used.

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Katie Riggio

Sorry to hear you're experiencing a lag in IE11, Katie!

I see you and your colleague, JJ, are working with Lea in case (01373010) where you both already done a lot of initial troubleshooting on your own. Appreciate that, as this will greatly help us nail down what’s going on here.

You should hear back from Lea with her findings and suggestions regarding the object's drop shadows soon – I'll follow along as well!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for stopping by, David. Sorry you're experiencing slowness as well.

If you hear back from SuccessFactors, please share any insight. Lots of folks here use this LMS and may greatly benefit from it during their troubleshooting process. We're also here along the way and are happy to take a look at your file – just let us know!

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