Storyline 3 - Adjusting Player Text Styles For Resource Menu & Notification Window

Hi is there a way to have the resources intro text a different colour from that used in notification windows? In notification windows I need the text to be white, in the resources menu I need it to be black. Problem is that that they are sharing the same reference (Editor > Text). This is in SL3.

The notification window title text is the only part which has a separate colour option.

The only option I've found so far, although I don't see it as being viable for us, is to edit the published course output. (It seems to be in frame.js).

Was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Also I need to adjust the font size of 'Here are some useful links..' but the player font size doesn't seem to control this?

Thanks for any help,


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Ross Murray


I've figured out what I was doing wrong with the text colours and that issue is now sorted!

I've done a bit digging with the text size issue with the resources 'Intro text'. The problem appears to be with Storylines HTML5 output. The Flash version respects the player font size perfectly. To illustrate the problem I've attached a screenshot;

I've looked into this and it looks like in frame.js/ frame.json and frame.xml the font-size for this text is set inline in the html at 11px; instead of picking up the styles set in the .panel-section-heading css class which I think is what should be setting the styles? It looks as if this inline value is overwriting anything be set elsewhere. On a side note, as you can see border-radius isn't being set on the menu buttons in html5 either? 

I was wondering if anyone has came across this and if the Storyline team have a fix for this bug? Ideally we don't want to touch the published output of our build. 

I've replicated this issue in the HTML5 output on Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks again,




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ross,

Thanks for starting this second discussion and narrowing it down with your screenshot - incredibly helpful! Our team is seeing the same thing, and found that there is an issue with the text on the Resources tab description does not change size even if you change Player font size to more than 100%. 

They're looking into that now, and it's also worth noting that if you're using the new Modern player in Storyline 360, you won't have that text anyway (Modern player is only available for HTML5 output from Storyline 360). 

I'll keep you posted here once we have more information on this issue!