Storyline 3 - Best way to keep personalized settings within the same course through all modules

Nov 06, 2018

Do someone ever faced this or implemented such option ? I need to know if the learner want the narration or not. I don't want him to set it again and again, and depending on that settings the timing of the text will change. So if the narration is on, text will appear synced with the audio. If narration is disabled, I would like to show all text at once. 

Is that possible ? I'm looking to do it through javascript but if there's some built-in way to do it I would love to use it. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jonathan!

This is definitely possible, and Storyline's built-in closed caption editor makes it possible! 

First, I would add the paragraph of text to every slide. This text will appear for all learners.

Next, use the closed caption editor to sync the text with the audio. Learners can choose to turn on captions by clicking a button in the player, shown below. 

Once the learner turns on the captions, they will be on for all slides in the course. Learners will not need to click the button for every slide.

Have a go at using the built-in tool, and let me know if you have more questions about it!

Jonathan Lafleur

Hi Alyssa, 

Thank you for your answer. What i'm looking for is almost like caption, but directly in the slide. Directly in the slide, part of the slide appear synced with the narration. But I would like that the user have the choice to enable or disable the narration. If it's disabled the way that part of the slide appears should be different. I don't want to wait let's say 5 secondes between part A and part B to appear because in the narration version it make sense, but in the muted version it will not make sens. 

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