Storyline 3- Black screen flashes before first slide when course launches on LMS


I am in the process of investigating, but in some of our courses (not all) built in SL3, a black screen flashes for a second or so when we launch the course in our LMS. This does not appear in preview. All developers have SL3 , Update 5 (3.5.16548.0). We publish in Flash/HTML5 fallback. 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lauren,

It's interesting that it's only happening to some of your courses, not all. Is there anything different about these courses in terms of content that the course starts with or how it was published? 

Also, what browsers are you using to view it? If you're able to share a link to any of your courses I'm also happy to give it a test. 

Lauren Russo

Hi Ashley-  I know- it sure is frustrating. In terms of content, I am finding this common with some content that contains just MP4s in a SL wrapper, but our template bumper is the first scene in all our courses, and it has occurred in courses with different types of content. We publish in Flash/HTML5 fallback currently, as this is required company-wide. I have attached some files for you-- thanks! We view all courses in IE only on Win 10. Where can I share files?