StoryLine 3 - Bullets disappearing after viewing videos or picture

I am creating a project for work and there are multiple layers for a slide. Most of the layers are bullet points that "pop" in based on timing. One of the layers is either a video to watch or a larger view of a picture to view. Once I click on the video or picture and go back to the bullet list, the bullet list is gone. This is happening on every Storyline3 file I or my coworker has created that has a picture or video to view larger.
What am I doing wrong?

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Tabitha!

I'm with Randy: we'd love to help look into the bullet points if you're comfortable with sharing your .story file. You can send it privately to our team by using this link or attach it publicly here

In the meantime, a few ideas and approaches!

Keep us posted!