Storyline 3 Button States and Accessibility

When I insert a button in Articulate Storyline 3, I have run into a problem.

If I add text to the button, it renames the button to whatever that text is (for instance "Close") and each state is designated with alternative text that matches that text in the button (in this case "Close").

If I do not add text, Storyline automatically names the button "Button 1" and the Normal state is designated with alternative text "Button 2" and Hover, Down, Visited and Disabled are designated with alternative text "Button 3."

Is this expected behavior or a glitch? I use buttons which do not have text and the Button 1, Button 2 and Button 3 alternative texts trump the text I add to tab order.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Ali Goulet

Hey Mark!

Sorry you've run into this- thanks for letting us know that you've also reached out to our Support Engineers. Perfect move!

I see you've been working with my colleague Jonathan, and that he's doing some further testing. He'll be reaching out to you directly again, so keep an eye on your inbox!

I'll be following along with your case, as well.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for checking in, Mark! I know some time has passed, and I'm so sorry you're being impacted.

The bug where JAWS does not read a button's alternate text that's entered in the Tab Order window is open. Our team is still investigating a fix for this oddity, and I promise we'll keep you posted on any new information – here and in your support case!