Storyline 3 Courses not Completing in LMS

Hello. We are using Storyline 3  and TalentLMS. Our Story files are using SCORM 1.2. Under Reporting & Tracking options, we have it set for the user to need to view every slide in a module. 

With that said, none of the modules are being marked as complete when being viewed. 

Is there a way to send a completed status in another way, like through a button interaction in Storyline 3? I know this is in 360. 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Derreck,

You can set up disguised question and results slides in Storyline 3 to track completion. The details are in this post: 

As for the modules not being marked as complete after viewing every slide: 

  • Be sure there are no optional slides in the course. That means any lightbox slide that it's possible to skip, or any other slide that's in the Storyline file but that can't be accessed by a user. 
  • If you're using restricted navigation, try shortening the timeline on the last slide, as well as on any lightbox slides. That could help Storyline recognize those slides as viewed. Otherwise, a user might exit before a timeline finishes, and that may be why a module isn't marking as complete. 
Derreck Mayer

Hi Judy!

Thank you for the response. You helped me figure out the issue. I had disconnected a slide we intend to use in a future update and because it was orphaned, the learner could never view it and therefore, never "complete" the module. 

The issue has been resolved. 

Thanks again,


Judy Nollet

Hi again, Derreck,

I'm glad you got it working. You still might want to check out the link I provided above re: an alternate completion method for Storyline 3. It could be useful if you ever develop a course that can't be tracked with the traditional methods (e.g., due to branching).