Storyline 3 courses with embedded videos not working in iOS

Hello, I've been running into an issue with Storyline 3 courses in iOS. They work fine on android and in Chrome, but in iOS they are launching a blank video player. When I click on a course with an embedded video in the course, a blank black video player opens up over the course. Sometimes I can close it and get back to the course, after which it will work. But other times the blank video player won't close and will just be stuck. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello H L!

I've tested this on my end using iOS 14 and both Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, I'm not running into any issues with playing an embedded video. I'll attach a screen recording to this reply. The first browser is Chrome, and the second is Safari.

Would you mind sharing either a .story file or screen recording so we can better understand the snag?