Storyline 3 crashes

I have been working on my first project on SL3 and I have been really disappointed to experience just how buggy it seems compared to SL2. For example just today it's crashed out twice on me when I have been deleting object states and when I click on the variable list it freezes and takes around 10 seconds before the panel opens!

On top of this we have been testing on an iPad and found on a particular page which has multiple object states the Safari crashed.

Please can this be investigated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Yikes! So sorry you've run into these roadblocks, Phil. We want to get you up and running smoothly with Storyline 3 as soon as possible.

Help me with a few questions:

  • Does your system meet these requirements?
  • Where is this project saved on your computer?
  • Do you notice this happens in any Storyline 3 file, or this one in particular?
  • Where was the project that crashed in Safari hosted--a web server or LMS?
Brett Schlagel

I also have been experiencing this headache. The crashes I experience don't seem to be connected to any action(s) I'm performing in SL3. It just crashes for no apparent reason.

I started to log the date and time of each crash. I did notice a pattern, at least at first.

The program would crash every 56 minutes. Every so often it would crash at 28 minutes (half of 56). I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled from new .exe download, rebooted, and ran. 

Seems to be better but it is still crashing on me at least 3-4 times throughout my work day.

I've upgrade to Windows 10 only because I just got a brand spanking new CPU and that's the OS that came with it. 

System info:

3.26 GHz processor, Intel Core

64 bit

16 GB of Ram

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 

OS Version: 10.0.15063 Build 15063


Project is saved locally.
Happens in all SL3 files I've been working on. All different from scratch, not a single file that's been copied and pasted.
This happens in-program. This isn't a browser crash.

Would be great to not have to deal with the crashing.

Alyssa Gomez

Wow, that's really strange, Brett! Smart idea to log the date and time of each crash.

It sounds like your system meets the requirements and you're following workflow best practices, so I'd like to connect you with our Support Engineers. They'll request more information from you so they can troubleshoot further. Be on the lookout for an email from!

Joanna Williams

Was this ever resolved? I have had this same problem on both Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 (both with latest update). It crashes any time I need to import an image or a sound file. It's become quite ridiculous. I have to save it after every step I make. I don't have any other programs running. Not even anti-virus while I work. I am using a gaming laptop so the graphics card and the memory should be enough.  I had a ticket in for this issue and have not heard back. I just put in another one since it is also happening with 360. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for following up, Joanna.  Your case was escalated to the right team and our team also spotted the second version so we've connected them and will reply as a part of case #012333881. 

We’ve been a little busier than usual, so I’m sorry that you didn’t receive a reply yet. Our team will be in touch as soon as they can - so keep an eye out for an email from