Storyline 3

Aug 03, 2016

Hello everyone, the company I work for is looking to get Storyline as we're moving into and elearning environment. However, they don't want to purchase the software without knowing when Storyline 3 is due to be released. This is because of the platinum payment for support and the next upgrade.

Does anyone know roughly when it will be? It doesn't need to be to the exact date, just a rough guideline for me to go back with.



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maxime favero

and again...the new storyline is not responsive at all !!!!
lots of tools do that now...

i am shocked caus i saw a video where Arlyn ASCH say it is responsive, but when you wath the video, the content will never adapt on the screen size!

craig beaty

Hello all I cant understand why you would move to storyline 3 i can see the additions you have, nice but is this a new purchase when really this should be  an update, ? also the content is fixed why haven't you listened to the masses of real users screaming out for responsive design (real responsive) not a responsive player, you have spent a lot of time R&D and developed rise , 360 and now stroyline 3 why haven't you allowed the content created to be responsive. 

we use storyline for a lot of our content an we also now have to use a competitor of yours in the industry to create content that is truly responsive and does the job, just as well and honestly at half the price , you need to listen to your users or you will loose out 

love the software shame you fall at the last hurdles 

Praveen Dixit

Yes, I agree too. I don't know why storyline not coming with fully responsive design. As per my knowledge they are very intelligent and capable to do so. They are capable to publish a new version easily with responsive design and all. And after that believe me or mark my words competitor we never think to compete with storyline. Storyline will be make a history in the market and gain a lot of new customer and obviously money. If they don’t come with scenario will might be different.

 We are eagerly waiting for responsive version.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Praveen,

I wanted to share a link to our Responsive player FAQs, and specifically the section on how it compares to responsive authoring in other tools. With Storyline we choose to use the responsive player and our team created Rise for truly responsive design. 

I hope that article and linked resources helps clarify our position and steps forward.