Storyline 3 - Feedback Masters - How to get custom 'Try Again' button to work

Mar 07, 2019

Hi Heroes!

I have created custom Feedback Masters and got a custom 'Continue' button to work by following the instructions below:

But I cannot get the 'Try Again' button to work.

This suggestion did not work for me either:

Can anyone explain or direct me to a resource which explains how to get this to work? 

I have had some success in adding a new button to each individual 'Try Again' layer, but there surely has to be a better way! 

There is an old post about SL1 saying it may not work with a missing screencast on how to fix at this  link (but I would have hoped by SL3 it would be possible?)

Appreciate your insights on this

Many thanks!

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Noel Read

Hi, I have attached a video of how I do it. Once you've created it you can apply that layout to any other Try Again layers you have created or create new Quiz questions that will automatically have that Try Again layer included.

Sometimes creating customised feedback masters can be tricky - getting the buttons to work on the Try again master slide so that they show on your actual slide doesn't work for me in the way I think it should. So the method I am showing is the one that works for me. There may be other methods that also work. Noel

Crystal Horn

Thanks for the video, Noel! I can eliminate one step in that process: You can edit the button placeholder directly rather than adding a new button. Feedback layouts will automatically populate with the feedback text from Form View, and the buttons will get the right triggers assigned automatically.

Debbie, let us know if you're making something very specific, and it isn't working. Feel free to share a sample slide or some screenshots!

Debbie Kay

Hi Noel and Crystal

Many thanks for your replies on this and for the video Noel, much appreciated!

Though I still have no success yet.

At 0.48 it looks like the button you made just disappears. Do you delete it after copying the format desired to the original button?

Crystal, I am just trying to customise the look of the Feedback slides, by editing the  Feedback Master. (FM)

After many, many hours on this, I am encountering a variety of increasingly odd behaviours from the software, which is frustrating to say the least!

For example today, one of the oddities today is that triggers are changing on their own when changing to different FM's! As well as FM not being applied in project and more.

I am really stuck as nothing seems to work as it should :-(

Another post indicated FM's simply do not work when edited - that is my experience and now, editing/changing the FM applied seems to be 'breaking' the whole question feedback completely.

I have successfully managed to change the Slide Master and have the desired effects in the project, but the Feedback Masters seem to not work when edited at all.

I opened a ticket over a year ago, when I was only trying to change FM text colour.


Support confirmed this as an issue which is still not fixed now. The suggestion then was to edit each individual feedback to the desired colour, which I am sure you can agree is just not a viable solution.

Noel would seem to have got it to work for him and you indicate it is easy to do for you, so I wonder why myself and others have a completely different and unsuccessful experience?

Thanks for the offer to take a look, can I send you my project privately to look at?

Noel Read

Hi Debbie, 

The button disappeared at 0.48 secs because I deleted it. I just used it to format the existing button. Sorry about that, I can see it probably looked odd in the video.

I have experienced some odd issues with modifying FM trigger buttons. Sometimes they work fine, sometimes I have to set up a trigger button on the actual feedback layer as the FM one doesn't work for me. 

I am happy to take a look at your project, but I'm not staff - Crystal has access to a team and a private place for you to upload your project so they can take a look. But I am more than happy to look at it myself. You can upload it to Dropbox:


Debbie Kay

Many thanks for your reply and offer Noel, most kind and apologies, I was really asking the question of Crystal/Staff.

Thanks Alyssa, I will send the file over via your link and see if Support can help.

Thanks also Phil for your suggestion, I will have another experiment with that and see if it works for me.
I saw another post (about lag, which I also have a problem with) and someone suggested importing slides into a new project in case there might be some corruption. I will also try this as my presentation was built in SL1 and has been re saved in SL2 and SL3.  Worth a try!

Debbie Kay

Hi Ashley, thanks for your reply, though I think you are referring to an old ticket I created 12 months ago about Feedback layer text not obeying Master font colour?

These are new issues discovered since then, do I just add them to that old ticket which is still open as no fix has been forthcoming, or do I open a new ticket for these new issues?


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