Storyline 3 file will ONLY open in 360

Hey there!

Looking for some troubleshooting help with a Storyline 3 file.

The .story file was created in Storyline 3 and added to a zipped file and loaded into a company shared space by a developer who is no longer with the company. Both myself and two other developers have attempted to open the file and get the below error in Storyline 3:

Storyline 3 file error

The error makes no sense. The file (again, created in Storyline 3) will open without an issue in Storyline 360 but unfortunately I'm the only person on the team who has 360 so we need it to function in Storyline 3. 

Anyone have any ideas on what to look for or how to fix?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Lauren!

Have you double checked that you're on the latest version of Storyline 3? 

Simply click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.4.15731.0 in that window.

If you're already on the latest update and you still can't open the file with Storyline 3, would you mind sharing the file with me? I'd like to see if I can open it with Storyline 3 on my end. Thanks!

Lauren Taylor

Hey! So unfortunately not the latest version - my company is still on 3.3.15007.0 and I won't be able to get the latest version until the IT department pushes it to our individual computers. I don't have the ability to update to the newest version due to admin restrictions.

As far as sharing the content, I need to remove all the proprietary information first before i load it. I'll try and tackle that today.

Thanks for responding! If you have any ideas that doesn't require completely gutting the story file of information let me know!