Storyline 3 Freezes When Inserting or Editing Triggers

Friday afternoon, 3/27, Storyline 3 began freezing any time I attempted to insert a trigger. I thought my working file might be corrupted, so I opened 2 other Storyline 3 files, but got the same thing. I can no longer use triggers at all. I am running Windows 10.

As I read from another user, you can use the Esc key to get back control of Storyline, but that doesn't fix the problem. I have attached a 3-slide file. I'm trying to add a trigger to the "Click Here to Begin" circle on slide 1 and the PREV/NEXT buttons on slide 2.

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Athan Navarez

Hey Stephen,

I have tried to create the specific triggers you mentioned and I was able to do it without any problem using your .story file. I am also in Windows 10.

Kindly try to repair the application and try the steps in the link provided below.

1. How to Repair Storyline 3

2. How to Fix Unexpected or Erratic Behavior

Hope it works for you!