Storyline 3, HTML5 version, Chrome and IE, random missing text and shape objects

Sep 25, 2017


I am exporting SL3, HTML5 version for LMS. Users have the latest versions of IE or Chrome.

I have a course assigned to 6000 people. So far about 2500 people have completed the training. 10 people have reported an issue where text and shape objects are not showing up on layers and/or not animating onto the screen as they should. I cannot replicate the issue, it is totally random.

Attached images show how one user sees a pop up message in the course 'missing-text.png', and how it looks inside SL3 'not-missing.png'. This is a single text field where some how a chunk of text failed to show up for this user.

The other examples I have are where shape objects fail to animate on screen. In all cases, telling the user to 'reset' i.e. don't click 'start where you left off', solves the issue. Users thus far don't get the issue twice. If I they start where they left off, the issue is always there.

Has anyone else seen this bug or something similar and is there a solution?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dan!

It's so hard to pinpoint when you cannot replicate the issue yourself for sure.

Strange enough we do have a couple of similar issues (IE and HTML5 only) reported for specific fonts. What font are you using in your project?

That is a very small percentage as well. Do you know if they are up-to-date on system updates and browser versions?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan,

The ones with only a subset of users are the hardest to figure out! 

You mentioned they're all using the latest version - do you know what number version that is? browsers like Chrome seem to update almost daily at times! 

What type of animations did you apply on that text?  I ask, because, some web browsers have better HTML5 support than others. One example of this is how they handle masking animations, such as split, wheel, and wipe. To be specific:

Could they have not been on a desktop Chrome version? Are you publishing with the latest update of Storyline 3? 

When you instruct them to reset - are they closing the course and restarting by clicking "no" on the resume prompt or have they been able to refresh the browser?

Let me know if any of that helps or gives you a clue to investigate further! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Dan, thanks for your detailed write-up. This is certainly strange, and I know it can be frustrating when your learners are reporting an issue that you're not seeing on your end. 

Have all of the affected learners reported missing text on the same slide? For example, do they all see the same thing as the "missing-text.png" file you sent?

Is the missing text always numerical, or does it happen with any type of text?

Dan Riter

Hi all,

Thanks for the responses and thanks for helping troubleshoot.

The biggest 'tell' on this being a SL3 bug is that so far, 100% of people with this random issue are able to reset the course and it issue does not happen a second time.

I tell people, when prompted "Do you want to start where you left off?" Click No. Then, the second time through the course, the issue does not occur.

No matter the browser type, browser version, system version, or animation type, the restart "fixes" the issue. But, starting over does not make people very happy, obviously. ;-)


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Dan. So far you've seen that restarting the course solves the problem. What about a simple browser refresh, and click "Yes" at the prompt to resume? If clicking "No" is the only thing that works, then it sounds like the error relates to clearing cached data.

With only 10 out of 2,500 reports of the problem, it's hard to nail down where the bug resides. We'll certainly keep an eye out for similar reports. If you hear of this happening again, please let us know as much detail as you can, and we can try and replicate the problem in your file. Specifically, these details would be helpful:

  • What browser (with version) was the learner using?
  • What slide was the learner on?
  • Can the learner take a screenshot of the slide?

Keep us posted!

Dan Riter

* What browser (with version) was the learner using? Happening in the latest Chrome latest IE
* What slide was the learner on? Happening at random on any slide.
* Can the learner take a screenshot of the slide? They do send me the slide as a screen cap but it does not help to solve this issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan,

First, looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email! No worries, this Peek video will show you how to remove it if you don't want it public. 

With the issue being entirely random (users, slide it occurs on, browser, etc.) and limited to a small group of users, it's hard to say. Did anyone try the browser refresh vs. closing out the course completely? What about trying to access the course in another browser once they start to see those issues - the LMS should keep the point that they've left off and allow them to continue where they left off. I would be curious if they'd have the issue cross browsers. 

Dan Riter

Did anyone try the browser refresh vs. closing out the course completely?

Yes, refresh does not fix the issue. Closing and reopening with a 'yes' click does not solve issue. Only 'no' click to not start where you left off 'reset course to beginning' solves the issue.

What about trying to access the course in another browser once they start to see those issues - the LMS should keep the point that they've left off and allow them to continue where they left off. Does not matter what browser or switch browsers.

Yes, the LMS does store the point where they left off and it also always stores the 'issue' whatever it may be. So, if some item did not animate on the first time, you will see this again and again in all browsers when you click 'yes' take me where I left off. The only fix right now is to start the course over, then it works.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, sorry Dan - I thought that may help. I'm out of ideas...and I know that leaves you stuck. 😕 

As Leslie mentioned at the very beginning, we've seen some similar issues but only with very specific fonts and not animations. Have you asked your LMS team for any ideas? I'm wondering if they can see the course not loading correctly on their end to pinpoint another place to look? 

Please keep us posted, and if we have any other ideas we'll be sure to share.

Lisa Kuhn

This sounds very similar to an issue I reported several weeks ago.  We have a SL3 course in the LMS (html5) and a handful of users all get to a specific page where there are 4 boxes that need to be clicked to read the details of the topic.  These users are missing a box-but it is not necessarily the same box.  They have cleared cache etc and if they resume where they left off, the issue still occurs. (All 4 boxes need to be read for the learner to proceed) The only resolution is to start the course over, and that is NOT a good thing because this issue occurs right near the end of the course.  We also have an issue with another SL3 course where the NEXT button is grayed out on a page where it shows the user scores 5 out of 5 questions correctly (congratulations page) and they cannot click NEXT and they can only re-start the course from the beginning and again this occurs right at the end of the course.

Very odd and I feel your pain because I am unable to replicate the issue so its very difficult to troubleshoot  

I wanted to share this info-hopefully in some bazaar manner, it will be helpful.


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