Storyline 3/HTML5 viewing in Firefox vs Chrome

Hell All,

I did a Storyline 3 project (in French) and Published it in HTML5 and viewing it in Chrome - the Triggers and functioning GREAT ! but viewing it in Firefox  :-(

The triggers don't work in Firefox (56.0.1). I've done other projects over the past few days in Stroryline 3 and Published in HTML5 and they work great in the same Firefox. What is particular in this one is that I use the command "Object dragged over"...

Is it possible that Firefox does not recognize all HTML5 codes that Storyline 3 uses ?

I attached  the Zip with the exported files.

Thanks in advance


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pierre-Andre,

Thanks for sharing your published file! I hosted it on Tempshare and tested in both Firefox and Chrome to compare. I definitely see that the "drag over" triggers aren't working in Firefox, and I'm curious to have a closer look at your file. 

Would you mind sharing the original (unpublished) version with me in a new thread comment or privately through this form?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pierre-Andre,

It looks like Eloisa has logged this problem as a software bug. She found that in HTML5, drag-and-drop triggers do not work in Firefox when the objects involved in the trigger are overlapping.

I'm really sorry this is causing you headaches, and we'll let you know as soon as we get an update on this bug from the team.