Storyline 3 in Microsoft Edge and Windows new update

Dec 28, 2017

Hi all,

Looking for some problem solving help.  I have just updated to the latest version of Microsoft Windows with all of the Microsoft Edge updates as well. My articulate storyline 3 files were all working on my website fine yesterday. They work fine today in Google Chrome's browser. They will not work in Microsoft Edge. The first screen appears and then repeats and then freezes. It never passes the intro. This is a major problem for me and many clients right now with projects in progress. Why is it not working now in Microsoft Edge?  Is it the intro videos?  Is it the transitions?  Is it just my machine?  I'm attaching an example file.

I've read all I can find on Microsoft Edge and compatibility... not helping so far.

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Debbie Chaddock

I agree that something odd is going on with Edge and Storyline 3. Today two different Microsoft Edge users had the same problem on the same slide of a lesson. It's a slide with multiple question layers, and on after clicking CONTINUE on the last question, the lesson kicks over to Storyline's "Would you like to resume where you left off?" dialog box (instead of remaining on the slide and allowing user to click the now-enabled NEXT button). Whether you click YES or NO in the dialog box, the problem recurs repeatedly on the same slide. 

The entire lesson runs fine if we:
- Force Edge to run the Flash version of the lesson, or
- Run either HTML5 or Flash version in Internet Explorer 11
- Run the lesson in Chrome

This new problem occurs ONLY when running HTML5 in Microsoft Edge. I'm not sure what is so unique about this particular slide that the latest version of Edge "doesn't like." The lesson used to run fine on all browsers, including Edge!

Debbie Chaddock

The problem occurs when the learner clicks the CONTINUE button on the final feedback. The button trigger is "Resume timeline on this layer" -- so at first I thought maybe Edge took this "Resume" trigger to mean, display the "Do you want to resume where you left off" message? I rebuilt the last two layers and changed the CONTINUE trigger from "Resume timeline..." to "Show End layer" but the Edge user still had the same problem.

My hope now is that Microsoft will fix whatever it did to start this problem.

Nicole Rongo

Debbie - that's very similar to my problem. 

Ashley - Here is the story file example, and also a link to the published module on Amazon S3.  This module was just fine yesterday in all browsers, including Edge.  It's fine in Google Chrome right now.  The update occurred last night, and now it gets stuck or loops.  This module is published with both HTML5 and Flash.  I have 1 client for another module that doesn't allow Flash... so they would only be viewing HTML5.  I wish I were better at tech work.



Debbie Chaddock

We are discovering more Edge issues at every turn, and we don't think it's Articulate's fault.

If your learners have government or company-issued Windows 10 workstations without Chrome or Firefox, you might consider posting something like this to your LMS or Lesson Launch page:

"Attention Windows 10 users: The Microsoft Edge browser cannot be expected to play eLearning lessons properly. Please use Internet Explorer (IE) instead of Edge.

To switch from Edge to IE 11: From the Edge options menu, select "Open with Internet Explorer" (see image). Select and launch the desired lesson from the new Internet Explorer browser window."


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there folks! 

The bug Leslie mentioned happens specifically when a slide contains text with a shadow effect, and the HTML5 output is viewed in Microsoft Edge.

If you're seeing other problems in Edge, please reach out to us here. If there's another bug lurking in Storyline 3, we want to know about it so we can begin looking into a fix right away.

If you've already opened a case, be sure to let us know the case number so we can follow along!

Nicole Rongo

Thanks all.  I will be adding a message up front about appropriate browsers.  Just FYI - it seems to happen on more than just shadow text.  It's happening on other modules where I have a video on a timeline as the intro.  I can't navigate to other screens using the menu.  It just keeps asking if I'd like to resume where I left off, then not going where I tell it to go.  If it's an Edge bug or something like that, I can't very well fix that myself other than steering users to a browser that works.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

The issue with the text shadow is something we've reported to our team - so we'll look into what fixes are available to change that in Storyline. As for the navigation issue you're having - can you share a link to your course so that we could take a look at it? If you'd prefer to keep that private you can also send along to our Support team here.

Debbie Chaddock

Just wanted to post an update. We were able to fix all seemingly random problems we were having in Edge by taking a closer look and discovering that all of the problem slides in fact had shadow text lurking somewhere --- we hadn't noticed this earlier and it hadn't mattered because the lessons ran fine at first. SL defaults to shadow text when you create a dialog bubble, and you need to remove the shadow text. (NOTE: By "shadow text" I mean when the letters themselves have a shadow, not when the text box or shape containing text has a shadow.)

The menu and bookmarking malfunctions in Edge were corrected after re-publishing older SL2 lessons in SL3.  This makes sense because SL2 never supported Edge.

Helen Bound

OK so I have a larger issue I think, all relating to Microsoft Edge and I suspect all this is to do with a recent Microsoft update, because all my Storyline 3 (Tincan) courses opened up perfectly fine on Edge browser prior to the update. Now none of them open, the placeholder is in place but the screen just hangs. They all open perfectly well in Chrome and Firefox. Are Articulate in talks with Microsoft about this, because dropped shadows or not, I cannot go over the 40+ courses we have on our LMS and change slides when I know they all work well on other browsers. In the short-term I will add a message to all learners to use the two trusted browsers, but would like to know if this is to be resolved.

I dont want to continually roll-back the update, but I did notice when it ran initially it stopped  Articulate Story3 from working and I had to manually roll-back, to get it working again. I set the update to be manually run, but I'm not sure which file update has caused these problems.

Sorry a bit of a long one, but it's a serious issue for us.

Alyssa Gomez

Really sorry to hear this is affecting so many of your courses, Helen. We are aware of the issues in the Edge browser, and we've got our heads down working on a fix. 

I'd like to have a closer look at one of your courses, if you don't mind sharing it with me. We want to be sure the problem you're seeing is related to the documented bug, and not something else. 

Would you be willing to share one of the original Storyline 3 project files with us here?

Frank Siegel

Here is an update.  I went through another project.  All the slides worked except the last one, which had a text box in there.  It had black text and a solid black border.  It had shadowing.  I took out the shadowing, but Edge still failed.  Then I made everything white, and it still failed.  Then I took out the text box entirely, and it worked.  The rest of the slide had 3 pictures, and a rectangle with text in it.

Frank Siegel

Well, I only tried it on that one slide as a test, but I am positive that shadowing of the text is the issue.  In that particular story, there are a few groups of 10 or 15 slides or so, and only the last one had the text shadowing.  All the other slides worked fine.  I just tried changing that last slide on one of the groups, but again, I am sure that is the issue.

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