Storyline 3 in Microsoft Edge and Windows new update

Dec 28, 2017

Hi all,

Looking for some problem solving help.  I have just updated to the latest version of Microsoft Windows with all of the Microsoft Edge updates as well. My articulate storyline 3 files were all working on my website fine yesterday. They work fine today in Google Chrome's browser. They will not work in Microsoft Edge. The first screen appears and then repeats and then freezes. It never passes the intro. This is a major problem for me and many clients right now with projects in progress. Why is it not working now in Microsoft Edge?  Is it the intro videos?  Is it the transitions?  Is it just my machine?  I'm attaching an example file.

I've read all I can find on Microsoft Edge and compatibility... not helping so far.

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JJ Adams

Note: I’m not generally a fan of “Replace All", but if you are in a bind and can't go through each course to remove the drop shadows and republish, this may help. Please make a backup of each paths.js file that you do this to! The paths.js file will likely be different for each course, so don't just do this for one and use it to overwrite the paths.js file for your other courses!

I do not work for Articulate, so this is not an official Articulate response. This is just something that we have found to work for our situation.

I modified some javascript code in the output folder, and it seems to be fixing the bug that locks up a course that has a drop shadow.

Navigate to the paths.js file located in the output folder.
Storyline output -> html5 -> data -> js

Right click and open the file "paths.js" with notepad. (Note: If you have file extensions hidden, you may not see the .js part)

Then go to Edit and Replace…

Replace All


This will basically disable the drop shadows on the text and allow the course to work in Edge.

I have tested this with several of our courses and after the “fix,” I was able to get through them in Edge when I wasn't able to previously.


Jake Hurt

Thanks you JJ Adams you legend, I can confirm this fix works. Just remember to include a space after the speech marks, so its replacing:

“data-shadow” :true


“data-shadow” :false


Now to wait for Articulate and Microsoft to fix their problems, find the gold at the end of the rainbow and watch the annual pig flying competition.

It is a little sad that the community needs to fix your problems for you.

Nicole Rongo

Hi all, 

I just downloaded the Storyline 3 update released today.  I don't know what's in there, but it seems to have fixed my issues related to Edge (the reason why I started this thread a couple months ago) ...along with a few other issues I had started to notice.   I don't know if it will work for you too... but I hope so.  You should try it...

Here's the article on the update:

JJ Adams

I downloaded the update yesterday, and while things appear to be fixed in Edge, Chrome is now completely broken. The HTML5 version will not advance beyond the first slide in any of our courses that we publish with the new update. They will play locally on the computer, but once we push them through FTP to go live, nothing advances beyond the first slide. I've attached a basic story file with just two slides. A link to the html5 output is below.

HTML5 Link


Leslie McKerchie

Hi JJ!

Sorry to hear that you ran into an issue with this. I do see similar behavior when using the published link you shared.

When I publish myself, it works as expected for me. Do you experience an issue with my published output here?

Can you confirm that you are using Storyline 360 Build 3.13.15006.0?

Double-checked in Storyline 3 as well and you can see the published output here.

JJ Adams

I did some more troubleshooting this morning on the issue. I published the file using SL3, SL360, and SL360 Beta. Neither the SL3 nor the SL360 output worked in Chrome, but the SL360 Beta output did. I compared the working output files from the SL360 Beta version to the nonworking output files from SL360. I was able to isolate the issue down to the app.min javascript file in the html5/lib/scripts folder. I then compared the app.min files from each and was able to find the specific piece of code that wasn't working. Replacing .accept("text") with .accept("application/javascript") fixes the issue. I found the same line of code in the SL3 output and replaced it, and now it works just fine in Chrome. There is usually a significant delay though between what I have access to being on the Beta team vs SL3, and we can't be the only ones running into this issue. We have replicated this issue on every computer that we've tried here. Can you test this on a different hosting service than amazonaws.

Note: We also have a case open with Robert de la Cuesta - Case #01291983.

Frank Siegel

Articulate 3.3.15007.0 also fixed the Edge issues for me (text boxes with shadowing no longer hang), but Chrome is now broken, just like the person above.  It hangs.  When I inspect in the console, I get a lot of Chrome 406 errors on .js files [Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406 (Not Acceptable)].  Then when I hit the first button, I get net::ERR_ABORTED on the first .js file.  The log file is attached.  Thanks

JJ Adams

Thanks Frank for recommending the console check in Chrome. I'm also getting a 406 Not Acceptable. If I fix the code though in the app.min.js file, it loads just fine and without a 406. I'm fairly certain it's trying to pass invalid code to the server with .accept("text"), and our servers are catching it, but amazonaws is overlooking it or something, which is why Articulate isn't able to reproduce it.

error log

Kenneth Weaver

Our office just updated to the newest version of Storyline 3 and published some existing content that was fully tested/reviewed and functional.

Chrome and Safari will both freeze after trying to navigate to the next screen in our training. Interesting note, though, is that Chrome WILL work if I have the developer tools open, but every screen change results in another 406 error. The 406 errors are all in the "html5/data/js/" location.

Our only workaround for this is to revert back to the older version of Storyline 3.

We have a simplified package that has the issue, but we would prefer that it doesn't get shown in a public forum. Let me know who to contact if that is needed; I can even provide a screen recording of the issue on my end.

JJ Adams

If you replace .accept("text") with .accept("application/javascript") does that fix it? I no longer get a 406 in Chrome if I do that. Our entire office also rolled back to the previous version of Storyline except for me since I'm testing all of this. Rolling back requires us to make sure we don't have text shadows anywhere or the course will freeze in Edge. There's only one occurrence in the app.min file to change.

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