Storyline 3 iPhone X display issues

Mar 06, 2018

I've attached images to show a range of display issues with published Storyline 3 files on the iPhone X.  These are showing a course that has been published to HTML5/Flash, with articulate mobile player unchecked.  The screen size orientation was set to 16:9.

Image 4836 shows a screen shot in landscape mode, with a good portion of the slide cut off.  4838 shows the view with the phone in portrait mode.  The web page you see the course playing on here is set up for responsive design.  You can see that the course player window seems to have affected the ability of the page to fit the phone screen correctly and makes the page look very unresponsive.

4839 shows the same, but now highlighting the course having frozen on that slide, from which it cannot move forward.  It just stays froze.  In order to get out of this, the page needs reloading, and course started from beginning all over again.  4840 shows what happens when trying to click resume after page reload - black screen.

4841 shows how the player window looks upon initial startup of the course.  You can tell the text and play button look huge in comparison to the screen size.  4842 shows the rest of it after scrolling to the right, again you'll notice how offsized it looks in comparison to the rest of the page the player window is displaying on.

I have tested this same course on iPad mini and an older iPhone version and, although there were still some glitches, it was not nearly as bad as these on the iPhone X. 

Has Storyline 3 not been optimized for the iPhone X?  Is there a reason that the course constantly freezes on the same slide on iPhone X, even though it plays through fine on other devices?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Niall, 

Can you share a URL/link to this course? I'd like to test it out on a few different devices to see how it displays. It appears that the course is embedding into a website, and perhaps that's impacting the display - but I'd expect that to occur across all mobile devices. 

Have you tested uploading that same course to any other environments to see how that works on the iPhone X? You can always upload to Tempshare or look at using Amazon S3.

David Tait

Hi Niall, is the course we're viewing via the link above displaying in the same context as you're viewing it on iPhone X? As Ashley suggests it looks as though your course is embedded in to a web page and I'd be looking at that as a possible cause. Perhaps the iFrame and/or web page you're embedding in to isn't responsive?

For what it's worth I've just tried the link on my iPhone 6s and it displayed perfectly.

Niall O'Malley

Thank you, David, I will check that article out.

As far as embedding, yes it is embedded on an responsive web page with an iframe, so would be laid out differently than the linked course file as that is a direct link that wouldn't require registration and payment for viewing the course.  It does eem to display better on the direct linked page.  However, now on that linked page, I am seeing formatting issue within the course that do not show up on a desktop browser.  See the attached images to view the on screen issue within the course.  Again, this is on iphone X.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Niall,

The text being replaced by emojis is something we fixed last year - are you on the latest update of Storyline 3? That would be Update 3 released earlier in March - so I'd want to have you confirm, and republish your content with that update.

If you can share a new link we're happy to test that one again on a few different devices, including an iPhone X. 

Niall O'Malley

Thank you, Ashley.  We are not on the latest March update of SL3, and with the issues folks seem to be having with the latest update, I am hesitant to update. 

However, we did update to SL3 in late February of this year, so, since you supposedly fixed this bug over a year ago, why is it still showing up in my February 2018 version of SL3???

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Niall,

A number of the issues mentioned in that discussion are related to overall performance issues, which I don't believe is specific to update 3. It's something our team has been looking into, and we're escalating each of those cases to our Senior Support Engineers to dig into the reproducible steps. 

As for the emoji issue you're seeing, it's hard to say without knowing more about what version you are on. Storyline 3 was released just about a year ago, so if you're on the initial release version that could be why you're seeing those emojis. 

If you want to share your .story file, I'm happy to test it in Update 3 of Storyline 3 and share that output and a published link with you to test as well. Or you can look at installing the update yourself, and if needed our Support Engineers can always work with you to roll back to an earlier version. 

Niall O'Malley


Our SL3 version is 3.2.13213.0, on update 2.  Again, since we downloaded the software for installation in late February of '18, I wouldn't think we'd be on the original release version, right?  Maybe you can confirm though, since you have the version number now.

Also, is there a way to share the .story file with you directly to look at, or would I need to open a support case?

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