Storyline 3 Issue

I have a course I built that has one scene with many quiz questions sprinkled throughout. The problem I am running into is when my client reviews the course, they are entering one of any acceptable answers in the text entry box, however, SL is giving them an incorrect response. 

The course works fine for me and my co-workers. I have instructed my client to clear their browser history and it still is occurring. Is there anything else that I can suggest to them to try? They're using IE 10 (that's our default corporate browser) and we are required to publish to HTML5 / Flash as fallback. 

Any suggestions as to what my client can do from her end to resolve the issue or anything else I can do to the source file is greatly appreciated!


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Katie Riggio

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry to hear that your client is running into some troubles!

A few questions to help us investigate this for you:

  • Where are you hosting the content – a web server or a learning management system (LMS)?
  • What browser are you and your colleagues using?

Additionally, if you don't mind sharing your .story file publicly in this thread – you can attach the file here by clicking on the add attachment button below. If you prefer to send it privately, you can share that information directly to our Support Engineers here.

Jennifer Hollister

Thanks Katie!

We have an internal shared drive network that we host our courses on while they go through our internal peer review process. Our client (co-workers) are using IE 10 or Chrome. I know the issue is not with the course itself because it works for everybody else but my co-worker. 

The issue is with slide 1.23 titled  Step 5: Name the Rhythm.

It's not letting her continue at all whether she enters the correct answer or not.



Katie Riggio

Thanks so much for sharing your file, Jennifer!

I published your content and uploaded it here. I tested in Chrome, Edge, and IE – and after I type an incorrect/correct answer in slide 1.23/step 5: name the rhythm, I'm also able to advance to the 'Additional Resources' slide. Can you and your colleagues try that link to see how it works?

Additionally, can I confirm how everyone is viewing the file – Flash or HTML5?

Jennifer Hollister

Everyone is viewing it in HTML5. Our corporate security has started weeding out the use of flash, so it's becoming unusable across certain parts of our corporate network.

I know there is not an issue with the file, the issue is on her end. I am trying to find out if there is any browser settings or anything she can try changing on her end that might resolve the issue?

Katie Riggio

Thanks for your time, Jennifer – this is all helpful information! 

I wanted to share these follow up suggestions:

  • Hosting the file locally is known to cause various features of the course to fail, in which I might recommend trying a different publishing option or uploading your file into Tempshare – where you can upload web published content and keep it live for 10 days. The latter option will help narrow down if it's a hosting or browser issue, so please let us know if your colleague can test that link as well.
  • It's tough for us to diagnose without seeing the client's personal browser settings, in which we advise for the client to work with her IT team. Please see this handy article that notes all of our system requirements for authoring/viewing Storyline 3 courses.

I hope this helps, and please keep us posted!