Storyline 3 - Issues with courses

Good morning,
we use Storyline 3 updated in September 2019 to create our courses.
Our courses consist of slides containing videos and question slides.

We have recently encountered two problems.
1. The courses are not displayed on PCs with Windows 10 Pro N.
We have solved by installing the following package . Is there a workaround that does not force the user to install updates?
2. Recently in some courses, when viewed with Google Chrome, videos blocked at certain minutes. Can it depend on the PC from which the publication is made?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Anna Maria,

Sorry to hear you're running into some issues displaying your courses! When you ask about installing updates, what software are you referring to? Storyline 3 can only be updated by downloading the latest version, so you will never be forced to update.

In regards to your second question:

  • Have you tried other browsers to see if the behavior is the same?
  • How are you hosting the course? Through the web or to an LMS?

If you'd like some tailored help on these issues, feel free to connect with one of our support engineers, and they'd be happy to take a look at your setup!