Storyline 3 - Launch player in a new window - PWA problem


In storyline 3, when we set the "Launch player in a new window" it usually works fine.

But when launching the content from a PWA (progressive web application) application it fails, and just opens a blank window.

Digging in the code, we saw that in launcher.html:LaunchContent the code detects the browser as Safari (even though the application is running under chrome in an Android device) and then the following lines fails:

var oWnd ="", "_blank", strOptions);
oWnd.location = g_strStartPage;

adding a timeout between the two lines or using: , "_blank", strOptions);

fixes the problem.

Still we need here a more permanent solution here as our content creators aren't programmers.


attached a screenshot with the configurations we're using to export the content.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Roey. I haven't heard reports of this behavior in a PWA environment, but I'm happy to help investigate this further!

To start, are you able to share your published course's link and .story file with us here so we can have a close look? If the content is sensitive, you can privately share it here. Also, what version of Storyline 3 are you using?