Storyline 3 locking and giving error messages

May 06, 2020

I'm so darn frustrated as my Storyline 3 is creating all sorts of problems.  When I try to add audio to slides I get a message that Articulate has encountered a problem and may shut down.  This happens after I've recorded audio in a few slides.

Now Storyline 3 is locking up when I try to save.  When I get out and attempt to go back into the course I get a message that the course is locked by another program and I should make a copy and try again.  I do that, go back into the course, and all the work I did is gone.  It's happened twice in just the last two hours.

Something is definitely wrong with my program but I'm not sure what to do about it.  Please, help - I'm getting close to the deadline on this project.

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