Storyline 3 - Submit Interaction Bug Causing Slide to Advance/Go Back

Course Setup:

Currently I have a main menu with two cards that act as the navigation. Each card is a Learning Objective. The first card (and its accompanying three slides) play fine. At the end of the last slide under C1 (Card 1) it takes you back to the main menu and Card 2 (C2) becomes available to access.

C2 has a series of review questions. Each review question is a multiple choice quiz interaction. You have unlimited tries and once you get the answer correct you can move on. *The submit interaction button occurs whenever you hit "Submit" on these review slides.

After a series of questions (5) you return to the Main Menu and now both Card 1 and Card 2 are "Green" meaning complete. At this point a hidden arrow reveals itself that says "To Review". The menu slide is also a quiz slide (for the purposes of LMS Tracking rather than by slide #). When the "To Review" arrow is clicked I have two triggers:

  • Submit Interaction (Pick One) - this slide (the To Review arrow is the right answer to select.
  • Jump to Slide 2.1 (In Scene 2 which is the ending scene and shows the closing slide of the course)

The Issue:

When the user clicks on the "To Review" arrow it takes them to the next slide as if the button "next slide" were pressed rather than jumping them to the slide I have in the trigger. This creates a loop where the user is taken back into the course material from Card 2 (the review questions) then dropped back to the Main Menu repeatedly because the "To Review" arrow will NOT advance them to the specified slide but rather takes them to the NEXT slide regardless of the triggers.

Temporary Solution:

I removed the "Submit Interaction - Pick One" from the clickable action when a user clicks on the "To Review" arrow and just left the "Jump to Slide 2.1" action on the shape. This resolved any issues and the button functions as normal. I am confused as to why the "Submit Interaction" trigger over-rides the Jump to Slide 2.1 and just advances them to the next slide.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Justin,

Sorry for the post being flagged - that happens sometimes when you post multiple times very quickly. 😀  Our site sees that as possible spam. Not to worry - our team monitors this and your post was unflagged right away. 

I haven't seen or heard this issue yet, and based on your initial post I assumed you were sharing a tidbit of knowledge and had found a solution. Sorry if that left you in the dark! 

If you need us to take a look at the behavior - I'm more than happy too. Just upload a copy of the .story file for us here - even a few representative slides would help.

Thanks and again, sorry for the delay.