Storyline 3 New Trigger Options

Sep 26, 2017

Using Storyline 3, I created a course called “Abby Goes to the OBGYN,” in which the learner controls Abby as she attends her OBGYN appointment. To create this course, I use two important features: animated gifs and triggers. 

In this tutorial overview video, I focus on Storyline 3’s new trigger options: “object intersects” and “object intersection ends.” You can see how I used them to create the course in the video below.


View: the full course

Read: complete course overview

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Alyssa Gomez
Hi, so you do not have to click the character to make it work "move to the right" "move to the left" I think you have to put an activator of "move to the right / left" IF "character" = a "stopped left / right "a few months ago I tried to do something like that and yes it came out but I do not remember well, in a few weeks or I will try again for a job, the only thing that did not come out was to limit the space where the character can move but watching and reading I think I know how to do it, I think you speak Spanish if that's the way you can communicate with me (leave me a pv or answer this message to send you my email)

Thanks for sharing your experience, Miguel! 😁

Bobby Jourdan

Hi there,

the project is great for inspiration and ideas. Really opens a lot of possibilities. Great work Kathryn.

I have two things that I would like to understand.

1. Please see the attachment. I understand the idea of having dummy objects with which the avatar interacts (the blue arrows). I also see dummy objects on the left and right sides (the red arrows). I guess the ones with the red arrows are used to limit the movement of the avatar?Would anyone be able to explain with a few words how does that work please?

2. Overall, one can get to the same/similar result with the use of an xPos variable that tracks the position of the avatar. A great example is Eiblin's quest. I am currently working on a similar project using xPos variable so if the avatar is in the middle of the screen and the user presses Enter something will happen.  I guess I am missing something so better ask :) Why would one use Object intersects for these types of interactions and not an xPos?

Thanks for any feedback


PS. I am very interested in this type of gamification opportunities that Storyline presents. Would anyone recommend other projects/sites where one can learn more about the techniques? Obviously Eiblin's quest is a great one. Also that one is quite good too


Anything else?