Storyline 3: Next Button is disabled upon revisiting

I have read many discussions here about SL3 and the next button being disabled upon revisiting a slide. My client wants to force the learner to view the slides in it's entirety. If they go back or revisit the slide, they should be able to hit next without having to view the whole slide all over again. The Restricted option is not working, so I tried using triggers. The triggers work on the first slide, but not the others! Can someone please look at my sample slides (attached) and tell me what I'm missing?

Thank you kindly.

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Tom Kuhlmann
  • Slide 1 and 3 worked for me. Slide 2 didn't. 
  • I'd set the trigger to the slide timeline and not the text box. Not a big deal, but this keeps it consistent with your expectations, especially if you hide the text box.
  • You have two triggers that are prompted at end of slide. Slide 2 jumps to the next slide before the variable can change. I'd add a cue point right before the end of the slide and change the variable when it reaches the cue point rather than the end of the slide.
Diane Fallier

You have the slides after the first slide progressing automatically. If you want the user to actually click next, then they need to progress by user.  Before I turned this off, when I click PREV it does go to the previous slide but then automatically progresses to the next slide. When I change this to progress by user, next and prev work as expected.

You also have 2 triggers for the next button. One goes to the next slide when the timeline ends, the other when the user clicks the next button. It seems to work with both but you may want to use one or the other.