Storyline 3 - no bookmarking, bookmarking wrong, not marking complete course

I have a course created with Storyline 3, I has several quizzes but the client doesn't want to track it by passed or failed, they only want to track it by completing the course. I have the setting tracking for number of slides, but left the Passed/Failed set because the person in-charge of the LMS told me it needed to be that way, even though they don't want to track by passing any of the tests.

I have the setting for bookmarking set to Prompt to resume. But for some users it doesn't work or it works but the course takes them to a different place that the one they left.

I appreciate any guidance on these issues.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Javier,

When someone exits a course before they finish it, Storyline stores the suspend data (also known as resume data) in the LMS. That data contains details about object states, variable values, interactions, and other info needed to resume the course.

However, an LMS has limits on how much suspend data it can hold. Thus, if a course is long and/or has lots of interactions and variables to keep track of, its suspend data could be longer than what the LMS will hold. And that usually means a user resuming the course will end up at an earlier point than where they left off. See for more info about this. And this article lists the suspend-data limits, which depend on the type of SCORM package:

As for the course not marking as complete: Is there a possibility that someone could make it to the end of the course without every slide playing through its entire timeline? For example:

  • Are there lightboxes that someone might close before that timeline ends? If so, shorten those timelines to 0.25 sec. 
  • Are there any optional slides? If so, you may need to reduce the number of slides viewed for tracking.

You could also test the course in the SCORM CLOUD to see how it works there. (I don't have personal experience with that, but it's a common recommendation for cases like this.) 

BTW, in case you're interested, here's another way to track completion with Storyline 3: