Storyline 3 not exporting or translating to word 365

Hi, i have recently not being able to export or translate my storyline files. I have tried multiple files and new basic files with a couple of lines of text with no success.

When i try and export for tranalstion it starts gets as far as a progress bar then brings up an error which states it cant communicate with word see attached image.

When i try and publish to word it completes instantly which is strange no progress bar it goes straight to success, then when you try and click open or any of the options it does nothing.


I am using storyline 3 on the latest version, and office 365. I have tried the reinstall of storyline with no success, tried deleting the word template in appdata. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

I saw you also reached out to our Support team and were working through it with Shiela. Please let Shiela know when this issue started and if you were able to export for translation or publish to Word before that. It'll also be good to check that you're using the Office 365 Desktop app that's installed, not the web-based version as the latter is not supported. 

Keep us posted! 

Ren Gomez

Hi Trellis,

Not quite yet! It seems the case is still in progress and Chris and Shiela are working to get to the bottom of the issue. Be sure you are:

If you can confirm this, please have your colleague reach out and open a case here so that we can take a look and dig deeper into what's going on, thanks!