Storyline 3: Object and animation size scaling issue.

Nov 21, 2017


I've created a semi complex object using multiple shapes consisting of circles, squares and triangles.  I then add an animation as simple as spinning to one particular object that is behind multiple shapes to make it look like it's passing through invisible structures.

I noticed that there was jittering happening and growing, meaning, as my main object was spinning, some parts of it would be shallow as it revolves around an object on-top of it, and as it makes it way back to the beginning, it starts to become bigger in some areas. I also added a smaller shape that has a motion path, spinning in the same direction as my main graphic.

As I become satisfied with the look and feel of my animation, I resize it, and noticed the motion path does not scale along with my objects, therefore, spending the extra effort to recalibrate the motion path to the smaller or bigger size of my graphic. 

In short, there is scaling and centering issues.  If anyone needs a video of this problematic function, for this is a loaded detailed scenario that might be hard to picture, please let me know.

Otherwise, I need some help solving this!

Thank you

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Mikel Tan

I'll be sending a video recording of this soon. Sorry I haven't gotten back, I only visit the site during work hours when I'm working on my current project. While on this thread, maybe you can answer this question for me.

How do I add ancor points, or handles on a freeform abject that I create so that it is manipulative? For example, if you choose a default shape such as a the "hall frame" shape, there'll be two yellow ancors that let you reshape the thickness of the shape.

Please let me know, thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mikel,

Does this sound like the steps you're going through:

1.) Insert an object on a slide
2.) Add Motion Path animation > Turns
3.) Right click on the Motion Path and set Orient Shape to Path
4.) Preview the slide to see the shifting

This sounds similar to an issue we have reported to our team, but I'd love to take a look at your .story file to confirm. The issue also had a noted workaround of using the curve and/or Freeform motion paths as those work smoothly.

Mikel Tan

I have provided a video attachment of my example for I cannot share a file
that is work related. The video is a simple example outside of my complex
shape using multiple shapes to create one grouped object. Please let me
know if a freeform motion path can rotate an object as I am not looking to
add a motion path as I want my object to stay stagnant in one spot while

Mikel Tan

I used an entrance animation (spin) and not a motion path. I have attached
a file of the simple animation I did just to show the error going on.

To my understanding, a motion path can't spin an object, but instead move
the object from one point to another. Or is there another function to it
that I'm missing that can make an object spin while staying stationary? If
so, guidance would be appreciated.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mikel,

I do see the "jittering" as the shape spins in the video example you shared. I'm going to pass this along to our team so that we can verify this is a bug. Sometimes my team catches errors in my logic and we don’t have a bug after all. Of course if that’s the case, I’ll let you know!

Thanks again for bringing this up to us, and I'm sorry it's slowing you down!

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