Storyline 3 - Old characters will not show (from storyline 2)

Hi all,

My storyline 2 custom characters that I brought from a 3rd party (many moons ago) are not showing up in storyline 3. The only difference I can see is the file type.

Normal characters have the file extension .apc my characters have .acp (and currently show up and work in storyline 2)

Should this cause a problem?

Please help


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James Dougan

Hi Alyssa,


Yes, all of my characters are stored in that folder or the photographic folder, I have also installed an old official character pack and they have shown up in storyline 3.

It seems to have something do to with the file type.


Do you happen to know how I can make my own .apc file? I.E. Create my own character files.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Are you trying to add them to the "Insert Character" option, or the characters are no longer visible when you open an SL2 file into SL3?

Creating custom characters or having them appear on that Insert Character option is outside of my area of expertise - but I know there are lots of folks in the community who could likely help! 

If you have missing assets after upgrading, that's something I'd want to have our team take a look at! I'm not familiar with the .acp file type though, so if you're able to share one of those characters with us, that would help too! You can upload here in ELH using the Add Attachment button or send to our Support Team.

James Dougan

Hi Mandy,

As far as i remember i just hit a brick wall, if i was to take a guess the change is most likely there just to 'encourage' customers to buy into Articulate 360's dynamic character library.

Fortunately for me our character supplier also gave us the basic .PNG (picture files) of all of the characters, so all i had to do is manually add the head and body as picture to get the same effect. This is not as simple or convenient as using a character file but it was the only way i could get the character i needed into storyline 3.

If i was you i would contact your character supplier to see if they can provide you with the basic picture files. It's a nuisance but the dynamic library bundled with 360 is lackluster at best and didn't serve our needs.

I hope this helps