Storyline 3 or 360

Hi I have been told by my Moodle "expert" that I should upgrade to Storyline 3 or 360, we have had a load of problems with Google chrome and Flash in google, he reckons this will sort it out and the course (scorm) will run smoothly without the need for the trainee to allow flash, my question is, is this the case and if so, what would be the best one to upgrade from my current SL 2....Thank you..

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Susi B

Hi John,

he/she is actually right. We do the same at the moment and it doesn´t matter if you use Storyline 3 or 360. We use a combination of several SL3 licences and one SL360, because we like Articulate Review, which allows you to publish to the "articulate cloud" and you can even share your files with stakeholders/colleagues/etc. But you might need to check your courses after upgrading and publishing, because we had some troubles with our custom made excersises using variables.

We use the html5 first/flash second publishing mode and it works fine. (We use moodle too by the way.) And with flash dying in 2020 you definately have to change your courses. Most browser don´t support flash anymore or if they do the flash output can look funny or some elements can be misplaced.