Storyline 3 OR Storyline 360?...

Hi Everyone,

So I am looking for some assistance...

I am currently using Storyline 2 but looking to upgrade to either Storyline 3 or Storyline 360.

I currently create eLearning courses on a variety of subjects, most of the courses are of a linear nature and pretty basic as I have quite tight deadlines so I've not really got the time to make masterpieces.

That being said, moving forward I would really like to make my courses more interactive for the user with the use of activities, video & audio etc... But at the same time I would don't want to complicate things too much and keep it all pretty user friendly.

Anyway if anyone can spare a few minutes and help me out with some advice or your own opinions on each bit of kit and why you like it that would be fantastic and greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,

Niall :) 

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Hans Christian Macaraeg

Hi Niall,

Same as you, I want my projects interactive, creative and fun. In my part, I want Stroyline 360 more because of its features and versatility. It new features such as new triggers, enhanced interactivity and a lot more. Should you want to check the overview of both application you can check the overview and feature comparison here.

Also, should you want to watch what a eLearning designer have to say with both application, you can check their review here

Similar to you concern, here is a thread where you can find opinions and ideas from the community.

Hope this helps you decide in purchasing the application that suites your needs.

Wish you all the best.

Niall Mackenzie

Thank you very much Hans, this has been extremely useful!

After reviewing everything you have kindly shared with me I am leaning towards Storyline 3...

The additional software Rise etc... and content library would be amazing but not completely necessary for my needs.

Some of the features with 360 seem fantastic also, and I would love to have access to them but with a monthly subscription instead of the one off payment it kind of balances things out for me.

Thanks again for the feedback, very helpful!