Storyline 3: Passing Score 0 Send Results to LMS

Jul 08, 2019

Is there a way to set the passing score to 0 but still send answers to the LMS? When I try this, learner gets a completion after answering only 1 question (they exit out of course midway). So, the score seems to be recorded even before reaching the Results page. Use case is that customer wants learners to "pass" even if they answer all questions incorrectly but they still want to see how questions were answered for assessment purposes. I have Results Slide set to 0 for passing and when I publish, I am reporting the results slide.  I did try reporting using number of slides viewed but then the answers were not passed to the LMS.

Another complication is that customer wants learner restricted to 1 attempt so if they exit incorrectly, they are not allowed to relaunch due to restriction I set in LMS (Saba) because it is recorded as a completion even if they exit midway.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lauri, 

I'd love to help - so to get started I have some additional questions for you and a few ideas to have you think through:  

  • How many questions in total are there?
  • Do the questions have points assigned to them, even though the passing total is set at 0%? 
  • What LMS publishing option are you using? (SCORM 1.2, 2004, Tin Can API)? 
Have you looked at assigning correct and incorrect answers points, so that way a learner could score something more than 0? I ask because if a learner is presented five questions and only answers 2, they are technically at a score of 0% from the start of the quiz.  
It may be more helpful to set up a specific slide that will pass the completion status to your LMS and still use the results slide. This blog post walks you through how to do it. 
Let us know if that helps or you can share answers to the questions above! 
Carolyn Covington

I also have some questions similar to this. There are no grade quizzes or questions, but there are survey and security questions that I need to be able to view the responses to. The learner can't move on in the course without answering the questions, so I know that's not a problem. I asked LMS (Talent LMS) support to make sure it was nothing on that end, but they told me that my Storyline course is not set up to report the answers. How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Lauri Hagan

Thanks Ashley! In total there are 5 questions. Right now they are each assigned 10 points. (But we are open to changing.) I am publishing as SCORM 1.2 because customer does not wish for questions to be visible to the learner in our LMS (Saba).
I did try assigning points to incorrect answers. For instance, I assigned 5 pts for incorrect and 20 for correct. If I set passing score to 25, then learner passes if they answer all incorrectly (desired) or even if they answer at least one question correctly and then exit the course (not desired). Since they have 'completed' the course, they cannot relaunch it (they only want leaner to have 1 attempt).
I had tried the method from the blog you cited but then it only passed that one "fake" question to the LMS but we need all of the quiz questions to pass so that they can analyze how learners are responding to each question.
Basically, what I want is for the course to be Incomplete until leaner reaches the results page so that we can be assured of them having answered all questions.
The way I have it now is just to give a strongly worded warning not to exit the quiz midway!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carolyn,

Have you still included a survey results slide to track all those questions? If you're using that as reporting/completion method to send to your LMS that should be tracking what and how the learners answer. You could also look at enabling LMS debug mode to see what information we're passing to your LMS. Similarly, testing the course in SCORM Cloud or another LMS environment will help confirm that things are being passed correctly. 

Erin Emerson

Hi Lauri, 

I am currently in the same situation you were at one point. I wanted to see if this was ever resolved or if you came up with a creative solution? We also don't want a score to pass to the LMS until they have completed the exam and also only allow them to take it once. Our LMS (Percipio) tracks first score, high score, and last score. For this particular exam, we are only accepting their first score (regardless if they pass or not). However, the SCORM 1.2 file seems to pass a score to the LMS even if they exit the window early and without reaching the final results slide by answering all the questions. Hoping you have a work around that you ended up going with. 



Lauren Connelly

Hi Erin!

I'm not sure if Lauri is still subscribed to this discussion, so I wanted to step in and see if I could offer guidance!

The way a score is reported to an LMS is based on the Reporting and Tracking options when publishing. 

These are the Tracking Options:

  • Track using number of slides viewed: Mark this option to trigger course completion when learners view a specific number of slides.
  • Track using quiz result: Mark this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, choose the one you want to track. (This option will be grayed-out if your course doesn’t have any result slides.)
  • Track using complete course trigger: Mark this option to track learners based on course completion triggers you added to your course. (This option is grayed-out if your course doesn't have any completion triggers.)

Another option is to customize the Results Slide by using a trigger. For example, Submit Results when the Timeline Starts on this Slide. 

Please let me know if there is something specific you're noticing.

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