Storyline 3: Preview Good, Local Publish Good, Web Bad


I am upgrading a Storyline 1 story to Storyline 3.  The S3 version works as intended in Preview and when viewing the local Publish.  However, when I try to run the uploaded version on my desktop or android phone, it runs very poorly. 

For example, the background of the first page doesn't load, or there is no audio; the animations in later scenes sometimes have audio, sometimes not; sometimes the animations freeze on the first image even though they run through the entire seekbar; etc.

I have tried publishing to html5 only, and html5 with flash fallback.  Both respond the same:

The Storyline 1 version still runs as expected, but it is flash-based:

Any and all thoughts appreciated.




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Ren Gomez

Hi Rick,

Thanks for reaching out! I was able to confirm that your updated course had missing audio/visual elements when I clicked through the slides.

I'm going to enlist our Support Engineers' help to see if we can replicate the issues ourselves and provide next steps. Feel free to share your file to your unique upload link here!