Storyline 3 Preview is Showing Up Grey

I am trying to preview the entire project and the project loads getting ready to preview then a grey screen pops up and nothing happens. I tried to see if it would publish to my LMS to see if I would be able to preview it, but nothing happened. 


I have attached a screenshot of what the screen looks like.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Bailey and Kim.

Generally, when Storyline fails to preview an entire project and also gets stuck publishing, it means there's a broken or corrupted piece in there.  Here's how I confirm that theory:

  • Do a preview of each scene.  Does one scene fail to preview?
  • Preview each of the slides in the scene that doesn't preview.  If you find one that doesn't preview, there's likely something on that slide that is corrupted.
  • Remove and replace items on the slide until you can preview the slide.  The item that you remove before it previews needs to be deleted and rebuilt.

Rarely, some elements in projects become corrupted.  Most of the time, however, rebuilding a small piece or a single slide will allow you to get moving forward.

If either of you want any help with whittling it down, feel free to share your .story project here, and I'll have a look!